Mission Statement

AFA Design and Construction was established in 1994, founded by Ali Afshar, to provide a superior construction package solution to his clients. Since then AFA has been engaging in all types of residential works from concept to completion.

Our employees are constantly seeking opportunities to exceed their client’s requirements and expectation to provide appropriate solutions and to respond with innovative methods of project delivery. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction and strive to complete projects within budget and on time.

Our Mission Statement

  • Continue to deliver the highest level of consistent quality in all AFA D&C products and services
  • Excel in all forms of effective internal and external communication in relation to design and building
  • Research, understand and anticipate current market trends, customer expectations and competitor influence to respond with innovative solutions
  • Develop and maintain a transparent and effective organisation clearly defining all relationships, responsibilities and processes
  • Ensure cost and operational efficiency by testing existing and alternative practices and implementing appropriate methods and technology
  • Identify and understand opportunities to add value to AFA D&C by combining existing skills, resources and relationships
  • Act in the interest of investors and stake holders
  • Continuously enhance our compliance culture
  • Act efficiently, honestly and fairly at all times

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